The Business Show

Want to make more contacts in one hour than many do in a life-time? Then visit the Speed Networking Zone and experience this unparalleled relationship building opportunity filled with inspired, facilitated networking.

It’s the perfect platform to secure invaluable new business contacts, connect with the industry leaders, and explore lucrative business opportunities and avenues. Rub shoulders with like-minded, successful entrepreneurs from all industry sectors, meet people who inspire and drive you, share strategies about what’s working and watch your mind ignite. The atmosphere simply oozes success.

How does it work?
The speed networking session is comprised of fast, one-minute mini-meetings. After the minute is complete, the whistle blows, partners change and the networking continues. This intense pace enables you to make more contacts than you ever thought possible and allows you to earmark those with whom you’d like to further build a relationship. It’s fun, exciting, gets you out of your comfort zone and opens up countless possibilities for all delegates attending.