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Zevoli Growth Partners’ MSME Funding Handbook Series
Zevoli Growth Partner’s primary purpose is to improve the standards of living for MSMEs that operate in the peripheries of the formal economy by providing them with access to both development and supply chain opportunities. In working with SMEs, we provide non-funding business development support, but a recurring theme from our programmes is that small businesses fundamentally believe that funding is the solution to the bulk of their problems. However, a lot of the time, they’re not funding-ready or they’re going after the wrong money. The purpose of these funding handbooks is to address the entrepreneurial funding knowledge gap and to explore the challenges and opportunities that MSMEs face on their funding journeys. It will equip entrepreneurs with comprehensive information as they embark on sourcing various types of funding for their business. Through knowledge sharing, we can also actively contribute to finally shift the focus on empowering the businesses that operate in the informal economy and provide unbanked, survivalist business entities the knowledge to integrate into the formal economy.